Ed Brown

A Karamürsel Survivor





I married and went into the AF in 1954 after finishing college.  The AF was good to me in assignments, education, etc so I stayed for a 20 year career.  My assignments were as follows:

-- 3 ½  years at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama – admin duties at the Command & Staff School.

-- 4 months at March AFB in Riverside CA in Communications Intelligence Officer Course

--  1 ½ years (59-60) at Wheelus AFB in Tripoli, Libya as OIC of one of the Flights of the 6938th Radio Squadron Mobile.  The unit was deactivated in 60 so I was sent to Karamursel to finish my overseas tour.

-- Karamursel one year (summer 60 – summer 61).  Served as OIC of Baker Flight.  Since my wife was with me in Tripoli, they let me take her to Turkey and we lived in Yalova.  We commuted daily by VW to the base where my wife worked in the Civil Engineers.  We saw as much of Turkey as time would allow, including several trips to Istanbul.  The whole Baker flight went to Istanbul on the Yalova ferry and spent a New

 Years break at the Hilton to start the 1961 year.

-- 3 years at Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo TX teaching in the Communications Officer Course.

-- 3 years at Duke University in grad school preparing to teach science at the AF Academy.  Then taught at the Academy for 7 years in Life Sciences Dept.

-- Was sent to Thailand to Ubon AFB and Nakom Phanom (NKP) as an Intelligence Officer for my last military year.

-- Discharged to retirement at Travis AFB upon return to the States in Nov 74.

-- Went back to school at Colorado State.  After completion of degree in 76, I started a new 25-year career in College Administration at Louisburg College back in my home state of North Carolina.  Retired from 2nd career in late 2001.  My wife of 53 years and I are enjoying our retirement years.