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This page provides a brief unofficial background on Karamursel Air Station, some information on the website, a short history on how our group began, and instructions on how to become a member.



    This website was established to preserve the camaraderie of the men and women who served in the United States Air Force, Navy, and Marines at Karamürsel Air Station, just outside the village of Karamürsel Turkey.  The Station was located on the Marmara Sea, was originally an air field and was likely established during World War I.  The USAF opened the Station in 1957 in support of the 6933rd Radio Group Mobile communications operations and it was designated Detachment 3 of The United States Logistics Group (TUSLOG).  It also became known as Mainsite, as it exercised administrative control over at least two other sites designated Det 3-1 and  Det 3-2.  The site remained in operation until the late 1970’s.



     The organization this website supports (KAS 60-61) is made up of personnel assigned to Karamürsel Air Station (KAS) from it’s inception through 1961.  In other words, the latest arrival date in KAS for persons eligible for membership would be December 30, 1961.  We presently number just short of 300 active members.  The website includes:


a “Personnel” page where all members of the group are listed.  In addition, we list all the “Karamürsel survivors” we locate, whether they join the group or not, and we list names of persons we’ve not yet located when names are found on orders or other papers.  If you’re eligible and are interested in membership, see the instructions for joining below.


a “Reunion” page that includes a recap of our last group reunion and information on our upcoming reunion


a  “Memorial” page dedicated to our comrades who have passed on


a “KAS Store” where you can see some items related to Karamürsel that can be purchased.  These may be purchased by members and non-members alike.


a “Links” page which will direct you to other related websites


a “Newsletter” page which includes copies of recent Information Updates that are sent to member who don’t have access to email.  They are also available to view on our web site.



     KAS 60-61 began life in 1998, quite by accident.  While scanning the Internet for information on Karamürsel, I ran across a website that documented all U.S. military operations in Turkey called “The American Military in Turkey.”  It included a section on Karamürsel, and in fact, the webmaster of the site (Chuck Maki) had been stationed there in 1958.  I wrote a short note about my April 1960 trip to Turkey and sent it to the website where it was posted along with my email address.  Nearly a year later I received an email from Jerry Spoo who had been stationed there with me and had also been stationed in San Angelo (Goodfellow AFB) with me.  We began exchanging email, including another person, Ralph Jobson, who was local to me and had been in KAS with us. 

     Shortly after that, I received an email from Rudy Ruediger who was very interested in exchanging stories about KAS, and he brought along Bill McKay, with whom he had been in contact.  Van Damron was the very next person to join the group.


     Rudy immediately began a phone search program looking for other “Karamürsel survivors”, most of whom were on Dog Flight at KAS as were we charter members, with the exception of Jerry who had been on Charlie Flight.  As new guys were located, they too began looking for friends.  With no plans for such, we rapidly became a group of nearly 50 guys previously stationed at KAS.  At that time, everyone sent email to me where I combined it and turned it around to the whole group.


     In 1999, with our membership growing, we began talking about the possibility of having a group reunion, and in fact the next year that came about.  Reunion 2000 was held in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.  Seventeen members and their wives showed up.  We all had such a great time that it was agreed we should have one each year.  In 2001 and 2002 they were again held in Myrtle Beach.  Then in 2003 we moved the reunion to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  At that reunion we had 110 people (wives included) in attendance.  Our reunion in 2004 was held in Williamsburg, Virginia and in 2005 it was held in San Antonio, Texas.  In 2006 we returned to Myrtle Beach and that year we decided to make Myrtle Beach the official home for all future reunions.


     Our membership continues to grow and although the majority of members are Air Force, we have a number of Navy members and of course welcome Marines to join.  With the number of members today, we now use a web-based email system to route information, stories, pictures and such among the membership.  The provider is Google Groups and membership in KAS 60-61 is required in order to register with the service.  If you join KAS 60-61, directions to register with the Google Groups service will be provided to you.


     We also maintain a membership roster that includes names, nick names used in Turkey, dates stationed in Turkey, job specialty code (AFSC, etc) while there, email address, mailing address, and phone number.  This roster is available to members of the group on a members-only web site.  All active members are provided access to that web site



In order to qualify for membership, you must have begun an assignment to Karamürsel Air Station no later than December 1961.


To initiate membership, send me an email at [email protected] and include to the extent possible all the following:

             Name/ nick name/ dates in Turkey/ job code/ email address/ mailing address/ phone number


Annual dues of $10.00 are required to initiate membership and are then due every January.  Members joining in September or later will become members immediately, but dues will also be credited to the next year.  Instructions for making out the check will be forwarded to you via the US Postal Service.


Upon receipt of your dues, you will be provided instructions on registering with our Google Groups service and our members-only web site.  After completing these free registrations, you will begin to receive group email and be able to send to the entire group, and you will have access to the members-only web site.


     I hope you’ve found this little introduction to our group interesting, and that you will be interested in joining us.  Each new member builds on the combined memories of our assignment to Karamürsel, and you quickly begin to feel that it was a unique time, in a unique location; and that there seems to be something very special about those who were among us at that time.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Pete Johnson


292X2 Dog Flight

April 1960 – September 1961

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