A Karamürsel Survivor

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" A Short bio"

 I went to Taiwan from Turkey to finish my tour with the A.F.  When my father passed away they rushed me home and then transferred me to Forbes AFB in Topeka, Ks.  I got out in May of  1964 and started college that fall.  I worked for and became a partner in a regional CPA firm (BKD, LLP) which has offices in Michigan also.  I had a wonderful career and was blessed far beyond my efforts.  I taught federal income tax at the local college for one semester after retirement.  Now I play a lot of tennis and fish a couple times per week during the warm season.

Sue and I have two children.  Both have completed college and are off the payroll.  Our son has been in the Air Force for 3 and 1/2 years and flies on the C5 Galaxy as a loadmaster.  He has 3 sons.  He will be coming back to live here in Missouri as soon as he can get out.  They offered him $60,000 to sign up for another 4 years but he has had enough of the airways.

Our daughter lives about 150 miles North of us and is a manager with Victoria's Secret.  She graduated from college last May.

Sue and I live on 110 acres about 5 miles south of town.  I have run a few cattle, horses etc over the years but slowed down after retirement allowing us to travel etc.  I need them during the winter but they get in the way during the warm months.

Look forward to communicating with the guys.