A Karamürsel Survivor






Joined the Air Force in Sept. ‘57, Young and tender at 17 right out of High School. Completed Radio Intercept school at Keesler AFB in May ‘58. When I started it was still a 293 AFSC, but in Nov. ‘57, was changed to 292 and made intercept all the way through. Went to Chicksands in England July ‘58. Volunteered for Turkey (shorter tour) and was sent to KAS along with about 20 others in May ‘59. Worked at KAS until Nov ‘60. Was a controller when I left and went to McGuire for discharge. Probably should have stayed in and gone to Japan where they wanted me to go, but I was ready to go home. Loved my job while in the Air Force.  Don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed doing any other work more.


Worked for a couple of years in the Finance Industry in my hometown, Columbus, GA. Was hired to work as an examiner for the State of Georgia, Insurance Commissioner’s Office, in April ‘63 and stayed with that job until I retired in Nov. ‘92, at the age of 52. Started a business consulting with companies in the finance and insurance industries. I still work a little doing that now, but mostly stay at home in my office instead of all the travelling I have done over the years. I guess the correct term now is semi-retired. Work when I want to.


Am married to Kathy (great gal) Between us we have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. We visit with them often. None live in our town.


I enjoy fishing, hunting, travel (always on the go to far away places, in the states)


I was “found in ‘02, and have made every reunion since Gatlinburg. Wouldn’t miss one for the world.


Being in the KAS group with all the guys is about as much fun as you can have at our age.