A Karamürsel Survivor

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                                                      " A Short Bio"

     Karamursel April '60 (remember Powers, Turkish army overthrowing government)
nice time to arrive, - Oct '61

     HqUSAFSS, Kelly AFB Nov '61 - Dec '62 (Cuba missle crisis was exciting)

     Married to Sara in Oct '61 to present time....Long, Long time, but great.  2
children , son and daughter, 4 grandchildren, 3 boys and one girl.  We have
lived in Missouri since discharge, tried school for awhile, but decided I
needed to work for a living.

     I've been associated with the Dairy Industry since 1963.  Helped start a company in 1964 and sold out in 1986, worked for a competitive company since 1990.

     Enough of that.  Thrilled to get on web site.  Hope to be able to attend reunion.  ( I still exchange cards with Chris Donaldson, my roomy in Karamursel, anyone remember Chris?)

     Hope to find some pictures to send for scanning.
Happy Holidays.