Darrell benjamin

A Karamürsel Survivor











     I was at Karamursel from 60-62. I was a 732x0 in Personnel.  Originally I started out in the Chinese program at Yale.  Apparently I wasn't cut out for Mandarin Chinese so I ended up in Personnel.


     I went in the Air Force in July 1958.  My intention was to be in the Air Police. I think my whole basic squadron, except me, went into Air Police.  I have spent the past 40 years in Law Enforcement in Phoenix.  My first 20 years as a Police Detective, and the past 20 years as an Arson Investigator for the Phoenix Fire Department. 


     I'm married to my wife of 41 years and have three grown children. I also have six grandchildren, who occupy most of my spare time.  My wife and I have a small cabin in the mountains  so we can escape the warm summers of Phoenix.  I am semi-retired now.  I tried retirement for two weeks and got bored. I wish I would have kept in touch with some of the guys I was stationed with in Karamursel.  Looking back, I think I enjoyed my stay there more than I thought I did at the time.  Good to read about others’ experiences in Turkey.


2010: It's been a few years since I entered my bio.  I now have been married for 48 years.  Still working part time.  Tried the retirement route, but got bored.  Family has grown some, Now up to 8 grandkids.  Still living in the Phoenix area, as are all 3 of my kids and grandkids.

Would like to make a reunion one of these years, but haven't seen anyone I remember attending.