A Karamürsel Survivor

 My Trip to Karamürsel, and Life Afterwards

     Joined Air Force in January 1959 with a reporting date after graduation from High School, hit Lackland in middle of June, Goodfellow in October, I believe I was counseled in every phase until we got to the equipment phase of school where things finally made sense.
     Left in April for good ol' Turkiye from Charleston. Got on MATS and was sitting with John Pelechic, he was a C.A.P. pilot I believe.  There was Ron Adams and George Cunningham on board.   Anyway we taxied to the end of the runway and after about five minutes I remarked to John about how smooth the flight was.  Yepper, he told me we were still waiting to take off. Worry set in.
     Went to Azores, then Tripoli.  I still have some of their script.  That was about an armpit of the world.   Made it to Ankara and while we were waiting for a flight out, a two engine plane came in and landed with the left engine on fire. Pelechic made the remark "That's probably going to be our plane." It was. Had a guy standing by the engine with a fire extinguisher when they started it up. I had the privilege of sitting by the window where I could watch that engine all the way to Istanbul.
     Caught a A.F. bus to Mudsite, got assigned to a quonset hut built for about 20 men and had bunks for 60, had to sidestep between bunks in order to get to clothes rack or get into bed. Moved into barracks and had Stanley L. Slapski Jr. and a fellow by the name of Scriminti for roommates, can't remember who the other roommate was. Later roomed with Pete and Ralph Jobson. Pete had a Phillips Tape Player he was proud of. Ralph had a great sense of humor.   I treaded water wanting to get back stateside. Had marriage on the mind.
     Block assignment back to Goodfellow, marriage removed from mind after arrival. Got out in June of '64, tried to sell insurance.   Company and I decided we weren't meant for each other. Did get married in '62, still have same, plus four boys and three girls.  Have three boys still at home, have seven grandkids, wish they would stay at home.
     Joined the San Angelo Police Department in July of '64, transferred to Motorcycles in December and was assigned to Motors until I retired in '95. Turned around and joined the P.D. Reserves and am still active as the Honor Guard Commander. Active in the local Civic Theater and try my hand at farming, and in my spare time I just sits and does nothing.