In Memory

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     Just a note to say thank you for the picture and phone call.  I just wished that he'd been in touch with you and others before he passed away.  He talked about a lot of you all the time -- wondering where everyone was and what they were doing.
     I know you called him Bill, but to us he was Horace and he told me when we were dating that he was known in Service as Bill.
     We started dating in August 1962.  I knew him before he went to the Air Force.  We are from the same area in South Carolina, he was from Six Mile and I was from Pickens.  Knew a lot of the same people - Horace and I got married on July 3, 1964 in Atlanta, Ga.  We have two daughters, Catherine Elaine "Cathy" was born December 19, 1965.  She is married and has two children Martha Kate "Katie" who was 4 yrs. old this past October 25 and "Kevin" Robert who was born this past February 15, 2000.  Our other daughter Marth Elizabeth "Liz" was born on april 13, 1970.  She is married and has two choldren, Kenneth Jarrett was 3 yrs. old this past October 17, 2000 and Jenna Mae was born this past October 23, 2000.  He was very close to the two oldest grandchildren.
     He was a supervisor for a grading company and they have been very supportive.  His death was a shock to everyone.
     I was an R.N. but in the downsizing of the hospital I was given early retirement.  Did not work after that except for helping with the grand children or rather spoiling them.  I enjoy them a lot.  they like to stay with me or should I say Katie and Jarrett does.
     (Horace) was a ery loving husband, father, papa, brother and friend.  I could go on and on but will hush for now.
     I had no idea when we went out the front door on August 8th to go to the doctor that he would not ever return with me someday.  I knew the doctor would admit him to the hospital that day and his chest pain started during the night of the 9th.  He was transferred to ICU and when the heart doctor was visiting and I was in the room also, he had a massive heart attack and was transferred to St. Josephs' Hospital for heart cath and to have heart surgery.  That is a hospital that is known for their heart care - also where I worked for over 30 years.  After the heart cath, the doctors talked to Liz and I which was very bad news.  Completely blocked on one side and 70% on the other side.  He was alert and talking wich the doctors could not believe.  The doctors told him that usually patients with that kind of damage was not talking to anyone.  I knew that the outlook was not good.
     Then the doctors decided that he was a big risk for open heart surgery and was not going to do the surgery.  So from that point I knew things would not be good.  All these people started coming by to see me that I knew.
     He was transferred to CCU on different machines and I don't remember how many IV's he had and doctors galore.  He went in hospital to begin with for lower abdominal pain.
     From August 10th to 18th he was critical but stable then on the 18th while I was feeding him breakfast I noticed that he was getting worse and he went down hill from there.  He had high fevers - get them down a little then right back up.  He was very uncomfortable.  He had excellent care.  The hospital gave me a room to stay in - our own little room for visitors and the girls, grandchildren, son-in-laws, myself and his brother and sisters had unlimited visiting times.  We could come and go as we wished - mostly left it up to me as to who went in the room.
     I miss him so much.  The holidays are rough.