A Karamürsel Survivor

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 "  Life after Karamusel"

     After Turkey I went to the ADC at Suffolk County AFB. I was supposed to be in 'till Jan of '64 but got out on a hardship in March of '63. My dad had some physical problems and mom needed some help at home.
     Came back to Buffalo. In May of '63 I got a clerical job at Bethlehem Steel which should have set me up for life but things sure do change...
     Met and married the lovely Patricia. We got married in Oct. of '65 and as rare as it is we are still married today. We have two daughters - two grandsons - two soon to be step grandsons and many others who call us mom & dad and grandma & grandpa.
     I got involved in a lot of things and we kept (and keep) on the move all the time. I got real active in the Jaycees. Held many local offices and was awarded a JCI senatorship. I spent 11 year as a charter and active member of the Eden Emergency Squad (and ambulance squad).  Between the JC's, the "squad", playing ball, bowling and my habit of enjoying a beverage or two I''m really lucky I had a loving and understanding wife.
     I also got involved in donating  blood platelets at a local cancer research hospital. This came about through the Jaycees and I used to go every other Sunday morning. Over the years I have donated over 400 times.   Sounds like a lot but there are donors there that have given over 1200 times.
     In 1981 things changed. I got laid off at Bethlehem Steel. We had started a family screenprinting business in '77 and this kept bread on the table. After learning the business and growing,  it got
to be too much family and not enough business so I had to look elsewhere. I got an inside sales job for a local fine paper company and we were surviving.
     The good that came from all of this is I refound the Lord in 1983.  Not to sound like a "Bible thumper" we have a local retreat that is called Mission in the Buffalo Catholic Diocese. It has
been around since 1975.  I Mission in 1983 and it has really changed my life. We have worked many retreats all over Western New York and have even gone to Vermont many times. Going to Newport Vt. again this Sept. God is good.
     Enough looking for converts!! Just so all you guys aren't afraid to talk to me I still enjoy a lot of good times. A brew or two or more, bowling, golfing, fishing and socializing.

all for now God bless.

P.S. I got called back to Bethlehem Steel in 1991 and am
looking forward to retirement soon.