A Karamürsel Survivor

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   "Well, here goes..."

     Grew up in Cincinnati, joined the AF 8 May 59, went to GAFB after basic where I met several of you. Went to Karamursel 60-61 then back to GAFB in 61. From 63-65 was in Kirknewton, 65-66 Crete, 66-69 GAFB, 69-72 San Vito. In 72 I went to the advanced printer school in Pensacola then went back to Karamursel from 72-74, 77-76 at GAFB, 76-79 San Vito, 79-81 1st Sgt at Augsburg then to Offutt from 81-83. From 83-86 Chicksands and finally Ft. Meade to retire in 87. Hired on with the Agency, did two tours as a civilian at Chicksands and have been here in Maryland since 95. Whew!!!

I got married in 61, still married to the same lady, Marsha, have 4 children,
3 1/3 grandchildren. I live just a few miles from Ft. Meade.

So after all those years I am still in the same line of business, Technical Director for HF Operations.