A Karamürsel Survivor

 " Life after Karamusel"

I was at Karamursel from March, 1961 thru June of 1962. Was on Dog Flight in Morse Intercept. Went back to the states and cross trained into Air Traffic Control. Followed good friend Jerry Wade also ditty bopper on Dog to Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C. Got assigned to a fighter squadron as a command post operator. (In charge of scrambling aircraft and flight administration). Spent a lot of time TDY in Key West, Fla. during Cuban Missile crisis at Boca Chica Air Station. A lot like Karamursel always working in a hot desolate climate in a high stress situation. Was there when Kennedy was assassinated.

After discharge from Seymour, returned to hometown of Ann Arbor, Mich. A lot of partying and wasted times for awhile. Got married to a wonderful person who was attending University of Michigan, got married and had a wonderful daughter. Spent the next seven to eight years going to college and working at business related job's I was bored with and ultimately got divorced. At that point I wanted a big change in life so I left Ann Arbor went to Detroit and joined the Police Force. Spent the early 70's on Detroit P.D mostly in special operations. (fun stuff and to much detail for this letter). Left Detroit to re-marry, ( required residency for city employees). Didn't want to raise family in city. Returned to Ann Arbor and ultimately ran a State Farm Insurance Agency. You guessed it, got bored with business again and returned to Police work. Worked with the University of Michigan Dept. Of Safety and a couple years later (1979) took a job with Saline Police Dept. (six miles south of Ann Arbor) where I am presently. I'm a patrol/administrative Sergeant and still enjoying the work. I had a chance to become Deputy Chief at beginning of year but don't like sitting behind a desk preparing budgets and proposals.

I have 4 wonderful kids ages 33, 23, 21 and 19. Unlike their Dad they're smart and good looking both. (attributes of their mothers). The two oldest have graduated college (University of Michigan and Michigan State university). Don't know which one to root for. The other two are still going. My wife is Carol is a production support materials manager (purchasing agent) for a stamping plant in Saline and plans on retiring with me in about three years.

Two things and really only two things life has taught me after 56 years. 1. There is a God. 2. The only real things of earthly importance are relationships. The love of family and good friends.

Burning ambition is to retire, buy a Harley Davidson and cruise country visiting old friends.