A Karamürsel Survivor













a brief bio

After leaving the Air Force in 1961 I figured out that you cannot go back to “the farm” after visiting the big city.  So I packed up and went to Berkeley California.  My brother was a PHD candidate in the Physics department at UC Berkeley.  He helped me get a job in the computer room at the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory.  I worked there for about 10 years, and then transferred to the Chancellors office on Campus, where I helped develop a new student information database system


During the 60’s while working the night shift at the lab I went to school and got an airframe and power plant mechanics license, commercial, instrument, multi engine, instructors pilots licenses.   After leaving the University in 1974 I moved to Florida and sold airplanes for a number of years. 


In 1981 I moved to the Atlanta Georgia area and got a job selling Weather information to Pilots, and Television stations.  I covered the 11 southeastern states for 7 years.  I left that company and became a consultant to a manufacturer of high end graphics computers used for television.  I retired in 2001. 


My wife retired in 2006, and we sold our house in the Atlanta area, and moved to a house we owned in Sebring Florida.  We build another house in the northern mountains of Georgia 5 miles from the Tennessee line.  We now spend the summers in the mountains and winters in Florida. 


I have a narrative of my time in the Air Force.  It is on www.merhabaturkey.com.  Read it over, and see if you recognize any body in the pictures.  If so let me know and we can update the narrative with names.