Chris donaldson

A Karamürsel Survivor











Enlisted in AF, Aug,1958. After basic sent to Syracuse U. to study Bulgarian.  Am one of the suvivors of the barracks fire which took place 2 days after we were there.Seven airman perished.  After 6 months at Goodfellow was stationed at Karamursel from Mar., 1960 to Aug., 1961.  Lots of sports, beer, and trips to the Bul.


Shipped back to the states out of command and spent the remainder of my enlistment at a "tough" place, that being Myrtle Beach AFB.  Discharged early, May 31, 1962. Graduated Villanova U. in 1966 and spent 15 years in the hospitality business before moving back to my hometown of Reading, Pa. Spent the next 25 years in the construction business and retired in 2005.


Married my high school sweetheart, Merilyn Carey, in 1964. We have 4 grown daughters, 9 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson. We will be married 46 years on May 30th, 2010.   Life is great.